Have you ever imagined a hairstylist that comes to your home – rain or shine? Angela’s Hair Studio is here, and definitely not a figment of your imagination. New York City-based Angela’s Hair Studio offers a variety of hair care services along with a line of luxurious Brazilian 9A hair extensions. Trina “Angela” Purse, the founder of Angela’s Hair Studio, sought to fulfill the need of the busy working woman who strives to maintain her tresses, but lacks the time to visit a salon during typical business hours. Angela’s Hair Studio runs on an appointment-based schedule, operating specifically to the need of its clients.

Whether she was installing a weave, clip-ins or a ponytail, Angela frequented numerous hair salons in search of a quality experience and quality hair that was worth her money obtaining minimal satisfaction. Most of the hair Angela would purchase was only able to be used once. With this upset in mind, she sought to find a way to spend less money buying hair without losing quality. 

After much searching and sampling she made the decision to begin her own salon and revolutionize the salon-going experience in late 2012. She strove to provide affordable beauty services and extensions for women of all backgrounds. Dedicated to catering to busy, working women, Angela’s Hair Studio and Mobile Salon is revitalizing the hair salon experience by cutting back the time of waiting in line at ordinary salons, and being strictly devoted to appointment times and schedules of their customers. Angelas Hair Studio is known for providing its clients with a multitude of high end services and styles by licensed cosmetologists with multiple years of experience.


Our mission is to constantly bring you innovating styles and ideas, by keeping up with modern trends and continuously educating ourselves about the best methods. All of our hairstylists assists each other in their personal strengths and objectives within the beauty industry. From the time we arrive at your home, we aim to demonstrate the most prominent of ethical standards in all that we do. We vow to be attentive to every aspect of your service, preserving the highest standard in the cleanliness of our mobile salon, surpass your expectations, and keep you calling back for more!

Angela’s Hair Studio acknowledges that you want genuine long lasting luxurious hair and we are devoted to quality control. By meticulously handpicking select bundles of hair using our strict requirements, we guarantee our hair embodies all of the virgin characteristics you would expect from high graded virgin hair extensions. We offer you everything you would expect from a premium hair brand at an affordable price. Our hair extensions will naturally match women of all hair types and ethnicity presenting you with a more natural and seamless look.